Highly Recommended Videos

Pig Business

A documentary film by UK producer Tracy Worcester released in 2009 that traces the global issues behind industrial pork production. The film includes interviews with CAFO contributor and anti-factory farm long-time activist, Robert Kennedy Jr., as well as CAFO contributing photographer Rick Dove of the Neuse Riverkeeper organization in North Carolina.

Food Inc.

This documentary directed by Robert Kenner and released in 2009 takes on the modern food production, including the production of industrial poultry, genetically engineered feed monocultures, and factory farmed pork. It features interviews with CAFO contributors Michael Pollan, Eric Schlosser, and Joel Salatin.

Our Daily Bread
A documentary film from Nikolaus Geyrhalter and Wolfgang Widerhofer that approaches the subject of modern European industrial food production with a style. The film depicts high-tech farming, meat slaughter, and food production without commentary or narration. Instead, people, workers, animals, crops and technology play the supporting and leading roles in a film that attempts to show how our daily bread reaches the table.