CAFO: A Must-Read for Any Conscious Eater

By Tara Lohan, 24 September 2010

The new book from Watershed Media and the Foundation for Deep Ecology edited by Daniel Imhoff looks like a big, beautiful coffee table book with more than 450 photos. You just may not want to serve any hors d'oeuvres on that coffee table, because your guests may lose their appetites when they flip through the pages. And that's a good thing. CAFO: The Tragedy of Industrial Animal Factories will be released at the beginning of October, and hopefully it will cause people to think carefully about where their omelets, chickens, steaks, and the like come from.

The book is a must-read and a must-see. Yes, it's not easy to look at these photos, but for as long as industrial agriculture endures, we have to keep reminding ourselves of why this system needs to end and doing all we can to make that happen. A good place to start is by learning how we became so entrenched in industrial animal factories; why they are so harmful to animals, to us, and to our environment; and what the alternatives are — you can find all of this info inside CAFO.

In addition to the photos, there is illuminating text and more than 30 essays. Some are from the usual suspects like Michael Pollan, Wendell Berry, Anna Lappé, and Eric Schlosser, while others are from ones you may not have heard of (yet) or wouldn't have thought of, like Matthew Scully (a former speechwriter for George W. Bush), John McCain, and Sarah Palin. And that's what's great about the book — this isn't an issue of left or right politics, but an issue of ethics, sustainability, and health.

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